Week 4 – Summary

Firstly, let us begin by saying hello to the newest face on our team – welcome Julian!

This week our team has collectively:

  • Completed all required deliverables prior to our first marked critique session
  • Revamped the presentation of our game pitch
  • Created Social Media Outlets for our studio and game

We have also:

  • Refined our game concept
  • Brainstormed the logic of the game
  • Defined the planned scope of the game
  • Defined some potential game mechanics
  • Planned how balance might be achieved in gameplay
  • Decided on an artistic direction
  • Strengthened the core of the pitch in preparation for the critiques that are about to begin

We look forward to the opportunity to present our game concept to panel so that the feedback can tell us where to take it next!

Week 4 – Summary

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