Week 6 Pitches

Week 6 Pitches


This week we have:

  • Each brainstormed entirely new game concepts
  • Developed new ideas by diverging from previous concepts
  • Researched the basics of Unreal Engine
  • Learnt camera perspectives and player controls
  • Implemented Basic AI movement and pathing
  • Found how to use the code view as well as creator view
  • Completed the assigned reading and assimilated the knowledge into our new ideas
  • Created a logo
  • Collected reference images for character aesthetic and proportions to prepare for rigging and animation style
  • Designed some basic concept art.


Concept Art





Cyclone Debbie hit SE Queensland hard this week – university was cancelled and people were encouraged to stay in their homes. As a result, we could not meet face-to-face so our team meeting this week was held over discord.

In it, we:

  • Presented in turns the new game concepts we had each come up with that week
  • “Nine Layers of Hell” – players must climb out of hell controlling the Grim Reaper’s young son, a theme we had explored in previous weeks and returned to in this week’s meeting
  • “Code Name: Chameleon” – colour-based stealth platformer. The team had some trouble figuring out mechanics but concluded that it should be a third person game navigating small pre built levels
  • “Watch your Back” – a small mulitplayer arena similar to “I Am Zer0” that combines the divergent core mechanics of our previous pitch with Lexi’s concept – a group stealth game where the player is punished for moving unwisely
  • The rest of the meeting was spent discussing mechanics for the three games, especially “Watch Your Back” where it was settled that the game should be stealth based using obstacles and objects to cover your back or otherwise risk player death
  • Tidied ideas into slides and edited them for presentation
  • Discussed tasks to complete for next week

Week 4 – Summary

Firstly, let us begin by saying hello to the newest face on our team – welcome Julian!

This week our team has collectively:

  • Completed all required deliverables prior to our first marked critique session
  • Revamped the presentation of our game pitch
  • Created Social Media Outlets for our studio and game

We have also:

  • Refined our game concept
  • Brainstormed the logic of the game
  • Defined the planned scope of the game
  • Defined some potential game mechanics
  • Planned how balance might be achieved in gameplay
  • Decided on an artistic direction
  • Strengthened the core of the pitch in preparation for the critiques that are about to begin

We look forward to the opportunity to present our game concept to panel so that the feedback can tell us where to take it next!

Week 4 – Summary

Week 4 – Team Meeting

This week our Team Meeting was held immediately after the lecture, as we will no longer be able to hold meetings on our usual Fridays (due to our critique schedule).

In it, we:

  • Confirmed the roles of the team
  • Defined Julian’s new responsibilities as a programmer
  • Discussed how social media outlets should be managed
  • Discussed the shortly upcoming critique
  • Checked that each team member had their deliverables ready for the critique
  • Agreed on work that was to be done for the critique (summary posts on individual blogs, update on group blog, editing the PowerPoint for the pitch.

We are feeling positive and prepared for our critique tomorrow.

Week 4 – Team Meeting